It’s not about me. We are saved to be part of God’s kingdom, and so now view ourselves as those who exist to honour him, and part of honouring him is to serve. Serving God means using our natural gifts and abilities for the benefit of others, both in our church, and beyond.

The Individual

Everyone should try and figure out what they are good at. Then ask themselves how they can use this for God. There are also a lot of things that ‘just need to get done’, things that aren’t hard and don’t require any specific gift (vacuuming up crumbs is a gift shared by very, very many!) Everyone can find a way to be involved, and we serve joyfully, because it is not man, but God, we are serving!

As a whole church

As a church, we want to serve our community. The way to do this is to bring them into contact with our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ. There is no larger need in our community, or our world. To serve our community is to connect them with Jesus.

The small team

Our growth groups look for ways that they can serve together. It might be something simple like being the connect team once a term at church, or spending an hour doing some odd jobs (replacing light globes, or cleaning glass). It might that the group decides they will all make a meal for a church member with a new baby, or for someone who has a loved one in hospital. It might be something a little more complicated like committing to regular hospital visitation, or being involved in the organisational side of Super Fun Day, or The Big Day/Weekend Away, or Super Kid Day (etc). Other ministry teams are committed to the idea that what they are doing is not a chance for self-glorification, but a chance to honour God

Our ministry teams commit themselves to regular service, to be part of a team is a great privilege, and a great responsibility, we have a chance to help others connect to Jesus, and grow in their faith. This is not something to be taken lightly!








Trent & Alice McGrath
Trent & Alice McGrath, along with their children Henry, Maisie and Siena have moved to Jindabyne in 2020 to establish a church plant.
Trent is passionate about knowing Jesus personally and making Jesus known publicly by proclaiming Christ from the Scriptures and living a missional life.


Anglican Aid

Josh and Susannah Apieczonek

As a church we support the Apieczonek family in Lyon, France. 
Josh trains university and high school students in evangelism and discipleship, and promotes gospel work in churches. Susannah disciples students, helps coordinate women’s ministry at church, and develops relationships in their neighbourhood. 

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