Hear God’s Word & Find Healing

Join us at OAC on the second Sunday of every month (4pm at Oatley Anglican Church) as we hear God’s word together and find rest and healing in Jesus.


All of us have times when we need a sanctuary; a safe place from the pain and pressure of life.There are so many ways that life can afflict us – illness, pain, fear, worry, depression, problems with relationships – the list goes on and on. Where do we go when it all gets too much?

At the Sanctuary @ OAC, we want to help you find that safe place; a place of prayer, a place of rest, a place of healing. There will be a short, reflective, traditional-style church service, followed by a time for personal prayer. You can bring your needs to one of the prayer team, who will listen to you and pray for you. If that seems too hard, you are welcome to write your prayer request and leave it in the box for us. The prayer team are committed to praying for you for the next month.

We don’t know how God will choose to answer. We do know that God can do all things, that He hears every prayer and that there is no problem, no trouble beyond the reach of His infinite love and compassion. God cares so much for us that Jesus came to die in our place on the cross and He is so powerful that Jesus overcame death and hell and rose up from the dead on that first Easter morning. All peace, all joy, all healing (whether by ordinary and medical means or extraordinary answers to prayer) is His gift. Let us share it with you.

For further information, please contact or call 9580 8950



Each year the men attend Katoomba men’s convention, and the women attend SMBC women’s convention, a wonderful way of being further challenged in our faith. We also have a Big Day (or Weekend) Away, which is a further chance for some focussed teaching and direct application to our lives both as a church and as individuals



Growth Groups

Various groups meet in the daytime and evening for

bible study and fellowship.

For more info contact Craig Olliffe at